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A Change in Blog Post Frequency & All the Wise Whys Behind It

You know when you just know that it's time to make a change?

Well, after contemplating this one for a few months and letting it stew in the background, I woke up yesterday and just knew: It's time for me reduce my blog post frequency. Instead of posting every week, I will be posting every two weeks.


Because I said so.

Just kidding! (Mostly!) I couldn't resist slipping that in, as I so often have to hold back that phrase in my day-to-day #momlife.

So why, really?

Because it just feels right.

I could just leave it at that and that answer would be completely sufficient on its own.

However...I like to write! (Surprise, surprise!) And I also love making lists. So if you want the long version and maybe some decision-making inspiration for those things in your own life that you're currently contemplating: "Do I want more of this? Less of this? None of this? ALL of THIS?" Then stay with me.

My List of Reasons for Reducing Blog Post Frequency

  • Because it just feels right. Period.

  • To reduce the sense of urgency around producing a new post each and every week.

  • To have more time for reading blogs, learning about blogging, planning content, researching/experimenting, collaborating with others, writing longer posts, etc.

  • Because I've taken on other commitments lately and don't want to become too busy. In fact, one of the things I've been striving for is to create an unbusy life, which necessitates slowing down and intentionally doing less.

  • Because this blog is no longer filling the same void it was born from. I now have more sources of fulfillment, joy, expression, creativity and connection in my life than I did at that time. (And that's pretty darn awesome!)

  • Because I've learned (and learned and learned) that I don't need to reach burnout before I make a change. Little inklings that a change would be beneficial are enough to get my wheels turning.

  • Because of a conversation I recently had with my husband, that went something like this:

Jamie: Why don't you just write when you feel like it?

Me: Because then I would never write!

Jamie: But I thought you liked writing.

Me: Yes, but I only feel like it once I'm doing it. If I didn't have a deadline, I might never sit down and write.

  • Because it doesn't have to be all-or-nothing, as in post every single week or quit the whole blog thing. There is an in between. (Thank goodness for in-betweens!)

  • To protect this thing I love (the blog) by giving it some extra cushioning, like its own little life jacket, so that it can keep going and thriving, beyond survival mode.

  • Referencing the mosaic analogy from last week's post, as more pieces are falling into place, I'm realizing that this one is taking up too much space and overshadowing the others, throwing off the harmony. It's time to reimagine and reorganize this moving masterpiece!

  • For more flow and less push. Fluidity over rigidity.

  • To find the sweet spot between discipline and desire.

  • Because I said so. (Still kidding - mostly!)


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