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Bright Moments of Novelty in Dull Times

As I write, Covid restrictions continue and life is feeling rather...blah.

Yet, amid these dull days, I have experienced moments of heightened perception, curiosity, and even delight. Small, fleeting, yet satisfying moments.

A sip of black coffee...A bite of a juicy canary melon...Musical notes on a page coming to life under my fingers...

What has made these moments stand out?


Black Coffee:

I normally take my coffee with soy milk and honey (strange, I know...) but these past few days I've had it black instead. Man, black coffee is hot! I've tried (with some success) to savour the extra time it takes for the coffee to cool to a sippable temperature, inviting a meditative quality as I sit with my steaming cup. I've also been drinking my coffee much more slowly, really tasting it, in a way that's hard (maybe impossible) to do with a familiar drink. So far, I haven't missed the sweetness or creaminess that I've added to coffee for as long as I can remember. This could be a game-changer! Or it might just be a phase of experimentation with my morning beverage. I am completely happy with either.

Canary Melons:

When I buy melons, I typically stick with cantaloupe or honeydew but canary melons were on sale the other day, so I bought one for a change. The kids were as intrigued as I was by this sunny yellow-skinned melon! I'm not usually a melon fan but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the canary melon's sweet, clean taste. Our first canary melon will certainly not be our last!

Playing Piano:

Rather than playing familiar piano music that I’ve practiced thousands of times, I’ve been slowly working my way through unfamiliar pieces, enjoying the novelty of hearing a composition for the first time. As my fingers find their way through the mysterious notes on the page, my ears revel in the beautiful surprises unfolding before me.

This week, I challenge you to find a simple switch you can make that will awaken your sense of curiosity and wonder. Will you drink your coffee black (if that's not your "usual")? Will you buy an exotic piece of fruit? Will you rekindle a forgotten passion from your childhood? When we look for them, opportunities for novelty are all around us, just waiting to be discovered.


By the way, how beautiful are my new handmade coasters? One is peeking out in the first photo but I just had to include a few more close-ups. I love how they're all made from one ball of yarn, yet have such variations in their colours!

These were made by one of my most faithful and responsive readers, whose creations can be found here: ArtfullyStrungYarns

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