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Short & Sweet Thoughts from the Candy Store Aisle

Do you ever get stuck in your head? If your answered "no," please tell me your secret!

As much as I try to live in the moment, I do have a habit of running through my to-do list, consciously or subconsciously, all throughout my day. Sometimes I'm visualizing the specific tasks I need to do, other times I just have this vague feeling that there's stuff to be done and limited time to do it in. This brings a sense of unnecessary urgency that can make me miss what's right in front of me.

Today was one of those days. And I caught myself mid-way through my running thoughts, mid-way through an aisle of the Bulk Barn. So I stopped the cart and said to myself, in an assertive though not unfriendly tone (inside my head of course),

"Jessica, you're in a candy store!"

You know the saying "like a kid in a candy store?" Well, that's actually how I feel at a bulk store, kid or not! Especially when I'm there on a fun mission, which I was today. I was picking out Valentine's candy for the kids. As much as I hate the commercialism of holidays, I do love playing Valentine's fairy or Christmas elf, gathering special little surprises that I know will make the kids smile.

For the rest of my time in Bulk Barn, I let my eyes be filled with wonder at the colourful candies all around me, as I filled my little jars with conversation hearts, chocolate kisses, juicy little hearts and big sugar-coated ones too. And it felt great.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must do my parental duty and make sure none of these candies are poisonous before I assemble treat bags for the kids! *wink, wink*

Whether you choose to celebrate Valentine's Day or not, I'm sending you some love and wishing you sweet moments of presence, with or without candy.

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