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Sustaina-Minis, Kitchen Edition: 6 Sustainability Tips for an Eco-Friendlier Kitchen

In keeping with my "summer shorts" theme described in last week's post, I have a few quick eco tips for you, coming straight from my happy place: the kitchen. I've chosen everyday items or routines since the impacts of our daily habits can really add up.

1. Coffee

Use a reusable coffee filter or a system that doesn't require a filter, like a pour-over coffee maker or french press. We happen to have a Keurig, so we use reusable K cups.

2. Tea

Make loose-leaf tea with a tea infuser instead of bagged tea. You may even be able to buy it in bulk, making it zero waste if you bring your own container.

3. Paper Towels

Hide the paper towels! Since putting our paper towels in the back of the cupboard instead of on a rack, we rarely use them. Out of sight, out of mind.

4. Potatoes & Carrots

Stop peeling potatoes and carrots! They're full of nutrients and by eating them, you're reducing unnecessary food waste.

5. Veggie Scraps

Freeze veggie scraps to make broth. They can also add flavour to other foods. I like throwing onion peels, carrot ends, and celery scraps into lentils as they cook, along with dried bay leaves (as pictured above on the far right).

6. Plant Water

Put a designated "plant water" jug on your counter that you can pour leftover cooking water into (i.e., from vegetables or pasta) and then use it to water your plants.

I hope these tips help you make your kitchen just a little greener!

For more sustainability tips, check out 6 Starting Points for Sustainability. If you're curious about my motivation behind trying to live more sustainably, you may want to read The Roots of My Sustainability Journey.

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